Saturday, January 31, 2009

Back in Iraq

Yes folks, I'm back downrange, as we say. And there are quite a few things on my mind that I will be sharing with those of you who look into the cluttered, busy garage that is my mind.
But only a short post tonight; long day today, and another long one tomorrow.
But First:
I have developed a habit of scanning the blogosphere for both the extreme right and left limits of our society.
Let me start out by saying that both ends are, well, nuts.
I like to chime in from time to time, just to poke them with a sharp stick and make them jump and holler. Almost as much fun as watching the Lodge meetings on CSPAN.
The lefties are enraptured by their new savior. And the Righties are agog over their new demon.
And it's the same guy.
Personally, I wish him 'good luck'.
My personal belief is that we will survive, nay persevere, despite who is in the White House.
The election's over, time to start getting along again.
That's enough for now. Get back to work

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Back on the scene

Ok, need to start to keep this current, see what I can do with this. After going to BlogWorld in Vegas, I don't think it can be that hard.
I'm heading back downrange in January, going to MNF-I, so I get to learn a new FOB. On the downside, there's much to do before I go. NCOERs, OERs, training, packing lists, medical. DAMN
Once again, I'm sitting this one out. More on that later. Needless to say, I am a bit disappointed at all those involved. Fortunately, I've re-discovered "Garage Logic" on AM1500 KSTP out of Minneapolis. Don't be scared, it's just guys talking:
Restaurant reviews:
For a simple guilty pleasure, I can recommend a Chicago style dog at the stand in front of the Smithsonian Castle on the National Mall. Worth the Heartburn, especially on a sunny day.
Cigar Reviews: Stay Tuned. But for a quick fix:

OK, that's it for now. Get back to work.

Monday, September 1, 2008

the 2400 Diner

I've been told I haven't posted in a while. True, Much to do
We'll start with a review of the 2400 Diner in Fredericksburg, VA.
BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front): Well worth the drive.
While enroute to a bike (motorcycle) leather shop, the spouse and I ran across the 2400 Diner.
Since we took off before breakfast, we pulled in as soon as we saw the neon sign.
First good sign: Physically hard to get in the door, people were waiting for a table.
Got to a table, waitress gave us menues that looked like they hadnt been changed in a while.
A heavy roster of regulars were up at the counter, and they looked like they knew their way around a meal, If You Know What I Mean.
I ordered steak and eggs, with home fries, the Spouse her usual: French Toast.
Service a bit slow, but the place was packed. Always a good sign.
Steak and eggs came - steak done medium as ordered. Home fries has a bit of crunch to them - no frozen processed patty or half raw pile of stuff. French Toast, I'm told, was acceptable.
The only down side I could say about the 2400 is the coffee was a tad weak, but the regulars are all semi-rural looking folk who drink it all day and don't need to spin out of control.
The 2400 Diner is what many chains such as the Silver Diner try to be: a place to go get some chow. Nothing fancy, no fake '50s atmosphere, oldies blaring out of the sound system.
Very reasonably priced, less than 15 for the both of us.
So,go already!
Good luck

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Dining in Gettysburg

Ok, now we start to CHANGE THE WORLD!!!!!
Went on a overnight with my wife to Gettysburg, Pa a few weeks ago. Nice trip up from Alexandria, easy scenic drive. Stayed in the Hotel at Lee's Headquarters, not too bad, considering we had a view of the first days battlefield from our room. Nice
Went next door to the Applacian Brewing Company for dinner.
Bottom Line Up Front: When in Gettysburg, and you are driving up to the Appalachian Brewing Company Restaurant, keep going. And here's why.
AC cranked up Way Too High - probably to help sell the Applacian Brewing Company Sweatshirts.
Service: Our server/waitress (whatever they're called these days) Stacy/Tracy/Whatever
was simply overwhelmed with her three tables and the conversation we interrupted with the other server when we were seated. We ordered the soup specials to be served before the entree, an appetizer of warm brown bread, A simple hamburger for me and a chickeny sort of salad for the spouse. Oh, and a sample tray of the various beers.
Got the sample tray, not bad-good Stout, too cold though.
Our appetizer of warm brown bread came with the main course, never saw the soup.
A different waiter came over, I ordered a pint of the Stout. Never saw the pint of Stout.
Decent burger, done slightly pink on the inside, the way I ordered it. Wifes salad was acceptable, tainted by the poor service by this time.
Stacy/Tracy/Whatever took a break from her conversation and came by to visit.
Now, mind you, I am a patient man. A pleasant, happy-go-lucky type. But, when I have a problem with, say, a restaurant I'm willing to spend money at, and the service is sub-par, I no longer hesitate to tell them so. So when Stacy/Tracy/Whatever came by and asked if everything was ok, I told her no and gave a detailed list of the shortcomings.
I could tell, however, that I wasn't making a connection after a couple of minutes, so I sent her on her way to fetch the dessert menu. Big mistake.
I ordered a chocolate brownie with ice cream concoction. My guess is this was a little debbie brownie from the 7-11 down the street, with some old Haagen-Daas, Hershey's chocolate syrup, and nuke for a minute. Wife ordered cheesecake which probably started it's life in a box on the same 7-11 shelf. Sad, sad, sad. Did I mention I never got my pint of Stout? In a brewpub?
So, Bottom Line Up Front: When in Gettysburg, and you are driving up to the Appalachian Brewing Company Restaurant, keep going. Go up the street a bit to the Burger Czar, stop by the 7-11 for dessert. You'll be glad you did

And Off We Go

Greetings Blogosphere:
Yes, after years of poking fun at others with blogs, I have joined the darkside.
Purpose of this Blog: To Take Very Little Seriously, post reviews of various eateries I stumble across in my travellings, rant a bit at the inequities of the world, and call Bullshit at the postings on other Blogs.
This will not be:
-a strictly political blog
-a left or right wing blog
-a food blog
-a Heinlein blog
-a veterans blog
-a cigar blog
-a beer geek blog
-or a bagpipe blog
at least, not today.