Saturday, January 31, 2009

Back in Iraq

Yes folks, I'm back downrange, as we say. And there are quite a few things on my mind that I will be sharing with those of you who look into the cluttered, busy garage that is my mind.
But only a short post tonight; long day today, and another long one tomorrow.
But First:
I have developed a habit of scanning the blogosphere for both the extreme right and left limits of our society.
Let me start out by saying that both ends are, well, nuts.
I like to chime in from time to time, just to poke them with a sharp stick and make them jump and holler. Almost as much fun as watching the Lodge meetings on CSPAN.
The lefties are enraptured by their new savior. And the Righties are agog over their new demon.
And it's the same guy.
Personally, I wish him 'good luck'.
My personal belief is that we will survive, nay persevere, despite who is in the White House.
The election's over, time to start getting along again.
That's enough for now. Get back to work