Monday, September 1, 2008

the 2400 Diner

I've been told I haven't posted in a while. True, Much to do
We'll start with a review of the 2400 Diner in Fredericksburg, VA.
BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front): Well worth the drive.
While enroute to a bike (motorcycle) leather shop, the spouse and I ran across the 2400 Diner.
Since we took off before breakfast, we pulled in as soon as we saw the neon sign.
First good sign: Physically hard to get in the door, people were waiting for a table.
Got to a table, waitress gave us menues that looked like they hadnt been changed in a while.
A heavy roster of regulars were up at the counter, and they looked like they knew their way around a meal, If You Know What I Mean.
I ordered steak and eggs, with home fries, the Spouse her usual: French Toast.
Service a bit slow, but the place was packed. Always a good sign.
Steak and eggs came - steak done medium as ordered. Home fries has a bit of crunch to them - no frozen processed patty or half raw pile of stuff. French Toast, I'm told, was acceptable.
The only down side I could say about the 2400 is the coffee was a tad weak, but the regulars are all semi-rural looking folk who drink it all day and don't need to spin out of control.
The 2400 Diner is what many chains such as the Silver Diner try to be: a place to go get some chow. Nothing fancy, no fake '50s atmosphere, oldies blaring out of the sound system.
Very reasonably priced, less than 15 for the both of us.
So,go already!
Good luck